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Hand Carved Leather Belts: custom made to order

Our leather belts are hand made from high quality veg tanned leather and should last a lifetime if looked after with a little love and leather balm! Unfortunately, we can't guarantee they won't 'shrink', although as long as you let us know your (honest) waist size when ordering, they will have a few inches play either way!

We prefer to supply these belts carved, (see examples on this page) but if you prefer we can supply them plain, or simply stamped with a name of your choice. You could even order a mixture: how about a carved belt with your name stamped in the middle? They are finished with brass fasteners and solid brass buckles.

The belts below are priced and sized, and in stock now. Please state your waist size and belt width when ordering a custom made item. If you would like 'poppers' so you can add your own trophy buckle, just let us know.

Belts on this page are available for £45 unless other-wise stated.

Plain leather belts

Please choose your colour and width from below, and let us know your waist size on ordering.


Leather belts hand carved with traditional nature patterns

antique brown leather belt with hand carved field mushrooms
1.5 inch antique brown leather belt with hand carved field mushroom design.
leather belt with hand crafted pine cone design
1.5 inch leather belt: hand carved and dyed pine cone design.
carved leather belt with hand carved acorn and leaf design
1.5 inch leather belt: hand carved with traditional acorn and leaf design.
Other traditional hand carved patterns can be made to order, including: roses, ivy, daffodil, wild sunflower, sycamore, dogwood, poppy...

Please state the pattern and size when ordering.


Western-style leather belts

This leather belt is 1.5 inches wide, and carved with a traditional western landscape. Other figure belts can be hand carved to order including: forest landscapes, fish, deer, mountain lion, geese, ducks, grouse. bear, fox...

Please state the pattern and size when ordering.
leather belt with hand carved western landscape


Christian Motifs on leather belts

leather belt with hand carved flowers, and 'Jesus' fish This 1.5 inch leather belt has been hand carved with a flower pattern either side, and the name 'Jesus' carved in the shape of a fish. Other patterns and designs can be carved to your specifications. Please ask.

Leather belts with celtic designs

1.5 inch leather belt with a hand carved cltic knotwork pattern. A lot of time is needed to carve this design, hence the price: £50
Other celtic designs (animals or different knots) can be hand carved to order. Please ask.
hand carved celtic knot leather belt


Hand carved leather belt buckles

Custom made belt buckles are also available to order. Available in oval or rectangle shape. Edge glued or leather stitched as in the example below. This example has been hand carved and dyed, and stitched around the edge with a round leather lace. Price varies according to the amount of work involved. This example: £60 including materials.
hand carved and dyed leather belt buckle