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Comissioned items

Simple celtic notebook was comissioned for a Christmas present. Initials were incorporated into the existing celtic knotwork at no extra charge. �25. Please see our book covers page to order. The belt and book cover were a matching gift set made to order.

leather diary cover with celtic knot: personalised with initialsleather note book cover with acorns and oak leaves with matching belt

The brief for this custom made leather belt was along the lines of "I would like a leather belt with an image of greyhounds running, and some celtic knot work incorporated". We added press studs so that a trophy buckle can be added at a later date. We thoroughly enjoyed this one from start to finish.

customised leather belt with running greyhounds and celtic knot design

We were asked to design a guitar strap with a nautical theme, incorporating a band logo and a kraken. As the band is from Port Isaac, we took the coast outline from google maps, so that the local areas are showing. This is one of our favourite pieces to date!

Kraken carved into the end of a leather guitar strap

leather guitar strap with Cornish coast line with nautical compass, wave effcts and 'here be monsters'

Kernuyck guitar strap with kraken reaching out to grab the band logo

leather guitar strap with hand carved Kraken and Cornish Coast


This bag was a comission for the daughter of someone who has had one of "The Leatherman" bags for years. How fitting that the leatherman's kid should be the one to create a bag for the daughter! She sent us a jpg of a feather, and of a bird she liked. We adapted the image to fit the front of the bag, and decided to have the tail feathers drifting over the top and down the back. We were very pleased with the finished item.

leather handbag with a fantasy bird design

Other examples of our work

These items are not for sale, as they are all test pieces with flaws, or were made as gifts for friends and family.

One of the first pieces I did for myself: a cover for my 'carry around' notebook. It was made with two 'fronts', so I could write in the book from either side. I learned 'spanish edge' lacing for the edging. This uses lots of lace, but I think you will agree it gives a lovely finish. The book is secured with some left over lace.

carved in leather: a Cornish primrose with leaves, and a butterfly landing on it   carved in leather: a Chinese style dragon with 'tribal' type flames

The front of my leather notebook cover - the butterfly copied from a tattoo, and the primrose being one of my favourite local sights (you know it's spring when the hedges have yellow measles!).
  The other front! The dragon's head was copied from my guitar neck (I intend to do a matching guitar strap - watch this space!) The flames were 'ad-libbed' with the carving knife.

Another early piece - with history! One of the first pieces made by Maureen was a lugage tag for her mother. Years later it was inherrited by her sister, but sadly lost during a flight to Newquay. This was a replacement made by Rebecca and Gary - I am sure it is very different from the original, but personalised with a thistle, and name.

The front of a lugage tag, with chain stitch and running stitch    The back of a leather lugage tag, hand carved with a Scotish thistle, and personalised with a hand carved name


How about a wedding gift - hand made to order? This photograph album cover was carved for a very special friend on her wedding day. The design was tailored to match her wedding stationary.

hand carved leather cover on photo album: ribbon and butterfly design with names