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Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are asked a range of questions quite frequently. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please drop us a line and ask - we love to hear from our website visitors.

How will you use my information?

We will use your information only for the reason you provided it. We are NOT affiliated with other companies, and will NEVER sell your information. From time to time, we might send you a special offer, but we promise never to bombard you with marketing emails. We also promise never to contact you again, if you ask us not to.

Do you use genuine leather?

Yes! All our leather is real, genuine leather, veg tanned, off the back of an animal that was once wandering around eating grass! (see below)

Can you make me a leather...?

Probably! We have fulfilled people's requests from: "we used to have a leather..." to "I woke up at 2am with an idea". If it can be made from leather we probably can. If it can't, then we'll take it as a challenge! Any thing considered, no idea too small or too silly. if you can dream it we'll consider it. (Although we don't do kinky!)

Do you bind books?

No. Book binding is a different process. If you have an old book or photograph album then we can make you a new leather cover, with text or image of your choice, to help protect and preserve the original, but we are not able to re-bind books.

Why has my leather. .. got a mark / blemish?

We'd be surprised if you've made it this far with no scars. Because we work with genuine leather it is likely to have scars from barbed wire, saw fly and even stretch marks, if the leather has come from the belly of the cow!

Can I chat to some one about my idea?

Of course! See our contact Cornish Leather Craft page for details. we will be more than happy to speak to you or email you back regarding your ideas for that perfect hand carved leather gift ideas.

Will you deliver to...?

Almost certainly! We have delivered items to Canada in the past, and welcome queries and customers from any part of the world. We do ask that you send us a message before ordering, as postage outside of the UK can be costly, but we aim to get you a quote for postage within 2 working days.

How much is postage?

Postage to anywhere within the UK is FREE! If you are in any other country, please contact us for a quote before placing your order.