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Hand Carved Leather Guitar Straps

Our hand carved leather guitar straps are strong, durable and beautiful. Below are some examples of pre-made guitar straps (made by 'The Leatherman'), priced according to the leather used and the work that has gone into them.

Our guitar straps are suitable for electric or accoustic guitars. If buying for accoustic please let us know so we can provide you with a tie for the headstock. All come with an adjustable leather billet so you can hang your guitar in a comfortable position.

We can make a guitar strap to your instructions: Fender, Gibson logos, band names or logos, styled according to your music - country scenes, skulls and barbed wire - just let us know what you want.

2" plain - £35.
Please state colour when buying.
(Colour shown is dark green)
2" carved - wild rose - £50
Dark brown
3" carved - maple leaf - £180
Buck stitched around the edge with leather lace
Natural - hand dyed leaves
plain leather guitar strap leather guitar strap hand carved with wild roses, dyed dark brown leather guitar strap hand carved with maple leaves, hand dyed and buck-stitched
2.5" carved with fish symbol £45
Light brown
3" carved with rat - the rat just sits in front of your shoulder when worn! - £50
leather guitar strap hand carved with Christian Fish motif leather guitar strap hand carved with adorable rat