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The History of Cornish Leather Craft

Cornish Leather Crafts was originally a family business, with its beginnings in a family hobby. Dad bought mum a carving kit one Christmas, in the 1970's. By the early 1980's the whole family was involved.

The Grantham family hard at work making hand crafted leather goods

With the logo: "We carve leather to the glory of God", the Leather Man soon became a familiar face at Greenbelt festival, and various craft fayres and shows around the country.

The Leatherman logo as seen at Greenbelt festival

After moving from Sheffield to Cornwall, The Leather Man became busy with renovating a barn into a family home, and soon afterwards, illness stopped work. Some of the original Leather Man stock still exists. See our products pages for more detail.

In 2011, the Leather Man's daughter (originally a teacher) was advised to take up a hobby whilst signed off work. Leather carving seemed a logical choice, since most of the tools needed were stored safely in the loft. The smell of the leather instantly brought back happy childhood memories, as did the soothing 'tap tap tap' noise of the hammer hitting the tools. It is such a peaceful and satisfying hobby, that even without selling a single piece, it has been worth the money spent.

However, our hope in setting up this website is to pass on the love of leather carving as a craft, and spread the word. We hope you enjoy the site, and find a product useful to you. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.